Sakaar now conducts its activities and programs with committed family of volunteers, leaders and trustees.

Sakaar’s current actions and programs are proficiently managed by diverse departments – each department is managed by dedicated department head along with the team of volunteers and beneficiaries of the program.
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 Organic Farming & Spice Processing

Organic Farming and Spice Processing are the two fields in which Sakaar Sewa are going to work for now in Varanasi, Sakar Sewa is doing its bit which is a humongous effort to change the lives of the poor and take them forward to live a life of dignity! Click Here

 ALAKH – Points to remember

  • ALAKH should comprise of people for whom Nation comes first, above ANY OTHER consideration.
  • Those who pride in India and our rich heritage, and won’t hesitate to tell others about that.
  • As much as possible, we will try to use and promote things made by Indian artisans.
  • Due respect and promotion of ALL Indian languages.
  • Being aware of the importance and “role” of simplicity in life.
  • Understanding the importance of Physical fitness in life, all the while practicing it.
  • Respect for Farmers, soldiers and all those who contribute in any way to our lives. And conveying the same in our own simple ways.