• Proactively promote the all round development of all the beneficiaries by providing guidance along with entitled finance.
  • To stem the influx of rural populace in cities by providing employment opportunities in rural area which are tailor made and attractively suited to all those who seek vocation in Urban areas.
  • To contribute towards evolution of the society to one with strong foundation of cultural, ethical and moral values.
  • To make sure that no talent remains ignored, in any field, for want of resources.
  • To promote rural development all the while retaining the simplicity of RURAL LIVING.


  • Sakaar will work in rural areas across all over the country.
  • Sakaar will mainly focus on creation of employment opportunities in villages all the while keeping in mind that the simplicity of village life is retained.
  • Sakaar also aims to encourage the availability of top notch higher education in rural areas by setting up educational institutions which are at par with the best in the country.
  • Sakaar’s sole aim in every aspect of its functioning would be improving the lives of people and by this we don’t mean the material aspects only, but spiritual and moral aspects as well.