Gauri Kund Shramdaan


After the floods into the Kund, Ganga water got wiped off but behind it some frozen soil deposits in the kund making its worth and usage to null. Sakaar team went into the cause and cleared the kunds with the unwanted deposits without any special equipments making it available for regular usage again.

Gauri Kund is one of the ghats which is considered auspicious and seeing it from a historic point then it is a cultural heritage that has to be preserved. When the team of Sakaar Sewa Samiti looked into the cause, then the ghat was a victim of human negligence and ignorance. People were aware of the condition caused by flood but none tried to stand for a cause and recreate the ghat for regular use.

The Progress and Outcome

When the team started it’s work, seeing the determination and hard work many other locals joined up the cause and spared some time from household chores and offices and gave time to the ghat as Shramdaan. It was no less than a wonder when the ghat reappeared cleaner and better than before.Sakaar’s work was highly appreciated and that’s how many dedicated social workers joined Sakaar Sewa Samiti and the family grew up in it’s reach.