Mission Parijat

The team of the Sakaar Sewa Samiti has continued to extend its support in the form of Shramdaan, every Sunday to clear off the heaps of mud from the Babua Pandey Ghats. The expanding water of the Ganga caused the Ghats to submerge in the river. With the arrival of Monsoon, the Ghats were left with heaps of muds and sludge across them making it an everyday challenge for the locals to perform their chores and for the sightseers to enjoy the beauty of the Ghats.People are facing a constant dread of falling on the slippery surface or stalling out in the mud at some places.

Shramdaan has always been a prime cause for Sakaar. Shramdaan is a way which Sakaar promotes to come forward for social cause. Shramdaan itself means Shram and Daan which means donation of our work. With the method of Shramdaan, Sakaar Sewa Samiti provides it’s work and support for the  cause of  Mission Parijat.


The Mission Parijat team of the Sakaar Sewa Samiti pledges to religiously contribute its Shramdaan and clear off the Ghats of Kashi of unwanted substances. The land of Kashi is known by the beauty of its Ghats. The place should be known by the jingling of bells and the tinkling of water. With its continued Shramdaan the Mission Parijat team brought out the true beauty of the Ghats within a limited time frame.


We, at Sakaar, aim to bring our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s vision of the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan into reality. Kashi will once again shine with all its glory and our Mission Parijat team at the Babua Pandey Ghats are constantly working towards a cleaner and Kashi.With this vision clear in the head, Sakaar has made Mission Parijat a great success with volunteers extending their support from all over nation. The quest for change has created a cause which is as true as Sakaar’s vision.