Sone Bhadra Kund

Earlier Condition

An auspicious Sone Bhadra Kund, one with historic connections as well is not far off from Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi constituency in Varanasi (near Bankhandi Mahadev temple) was paid a visit 4 years earlier for the first time by the team of Sakaar Sewa Samiti. No wonder the place was in the capture of human negligence, selfishness and imprudence. Heaps of trash and the spot for sewage discharge was taking the kund into the fear of taking over the same as others in that area. It was odorous chaos for every tourist visiting there.


Back then our team worked on it. They spared a few hours to it daily. We knocked every door of the administration but it was ineffective as few good efforts won’t wake up the stagnant system of government functioning.

After a span of four months, we were in a state to show improvement taking place. The transformation was noticeable without any help from government authorities or any high-level instruments.

The young team comprised of Jai Prakash, Satyam Shukla Ashutosh Narayan Dixit Shubham Tiwari Pavan Raj Ayush Kumar Mishra Vineet Verma Anurag Singh Vikas, Pradeep and so many others of MissionParijat paid off their hard work and moral duties as Shramdaan.

Condition After

After these years the place and the kund is a pride for Indians and an element for tourists admiration. Still, two members of the team Satyam and Jai Prakash are at their services every day, nonetheless, they are successful in creating awareness and driving the attention of locals towards the cause.