Sakaar has been established under the Societies Registration Act with the aim of promoting the development of the rural community with an active involvement of servicemen and ex-servicemen as well as the general public.

Most of our operations and institutions will be based in the rural areas with the intention of reducing the outflux of manpower from villages and the resultant congestion in the cities. This will be achieved by creation of employment opportunities in villages while keeping in mind that the simplicity of village life is retained. Sakaar also aims to encourage the availability of top-notch higher education in the rural areas by setting up educational institutions which are at par with the best in the country. Sakaar’s sole aim in every aspect of its functioning would be improving the lives of the people, and by this we don’t mean the material aspects only, but the spiritual and moral aspects as well.

Given the mad rush for success characterizing our times, one forgets what it means to “LIVE”. We at Sakaar intend to carve out a name for ourselves based solely on our integrity and our persistence in “AIDING AND INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE”. These may seem to be mere words to some, but they will surely lay the foundation of a movement par excellence devoted totally towards making a positive change in the way we live.