Team Sakaar

Team Sakaar comprises people from different parts of BHARAT who share Sakaar’s vision of imparting values in an environment in which every individual, irrespective of the social strata they belong to, is cared for financially, spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

These people joining hands together bears testimony to their resolve to execute every single word of Sakaar’s mission to take a step nearer to the idealistic society – a place of excellence where people can realize their full potential; a society which respects and cares for everyone and everything around. A brief description of the team members is given below:


MONALISA BANERJEE: An academician, Dr Monalisaheads the advisory board of Sakaar, which has been entrusted with formulating plans as well as strategies to implement those plans. She is based inHowrah (West Bengal) and has been very active in the formation of Sakaar and the execution of various activities undertaken by Sakaar.

DR HARSH CHARTURVEDI: Dr Harsh Chaturvedihas aBE in Electronics and Communication with First class (distinction) from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India (2003) and a PhD from University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA (2008).Spiritually inclined and with a heart that beats for Bharat, Dr Harsh leads from the front. He was there in Uttarkhand during the 2013 flood disaster to render whatever assistance he could. His endeavours to promote pure sciences are worthy of recognition. He is currently working on “Device Fabrication Based on Functionalized Nanomaterials Like Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”.You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

DR SATYA SARASWAT:  Exceptionally talented and down to earth , Dr Saraswat is a licensedSpecialist Plastic with DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and is attached to Ultracare Medical Group, Dubai. He is alsoConsultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with Saraswat Hospital, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He has been actively supporting and guiding Sakaar for a long time now. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

SHAILESH KUMAR PANDEY: Shailesh is an ex-sailor of theIndian Navy and the brain behind Sakaar. Sinceleaving thenavy, Shailesh has been working in rural areas with farmers to get a real feel of the problems that they face. Basically from Ghazipur, Shaileshis currently based inVaranasi and coordinates all the activities of Sakaar from there.You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

TEMSUTULA IMSONG: Temsutulahails from Nagaland and is the brain behind the “creativity” and “revival” of Sakaar. Currently shuttling between Mokokchung and Varanasi, she is one of the most active members of the organization, having infused a new life and thinking in the functioning of Sakaar. Basically a person who likes to be on the ground, Temsutula is spearheading the transformation of Sakaar into a source of hope for many and has been playing a key role in the implementation of the programs that are being undertaken.You can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

DARSHIKA SHAH:  Darshikadeals with Sakaar’srural initiatives. She came up with “URJA” –  an initiative to promote hygiene and literacy among village girls.A bundle of energy,she has managed to prove her mettle in a very short span of time.Her attitude, leadership, and communication skills are a matter of pride and joy for all of us at Sakaar as she brings in positive energy and a youthful perspective. You can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

POOJA TRIPATHI: Pooja is originally from Gonda (Uttar Pradesh) and is currently livinginJalandhar.A good-hearted person, Poojasees the best in everyone she meets.If someone is rude,she just assumes that it’s because of the events that have happened in their lives and not simply because some people are just meant to be mean. You can follow her on Facebook at PoojaTripathi.

SHAILENDRA SINGH BAGHEL: Shailendra is a small town boy, who believes in simplicity.Driven by his desire to serve the countryand its people,Shailendra likes to contribute his time tothe activities of Sakaar.You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

SUDEEP MUKHERJEE: Sudeepis from the corporate sector,whodevotestime to issues and challenges which need our immediate attention. He has been actively contributing tothe conceptualization, planning, and execution of Sakaar’s activities.

WATIMENLA IMSONG: A well-wisher of Sakaar, and more important, a member of the Sakaar family, Watimenla too belongs to Nagaland. A proud mother, she learns new things from her kids each day.She weaves traditional Naga shawls to support her husband to raise and run their family.Her purpose of joining Sakaar is to do something for the society while being a homemaker.




Proactively promote the all-round development of the beneficiaries by providing guidance along    with finance aid.

To stem the influx of the rural populace to the cities by providing attractive and tailor-made employment opportunities right in the rural areas to all those who seek employment in the urban areas.

To contribute towards the evolution of the society into one with strong foundations of cultural, ethical, and moral values.

To make sure that no talent remains ignored, in any field, for want of resources.

To promote rural development while preserving the simplicity of rural living all the same.



Sakaar will work in the rural areas across all over the country.

Sakaar will mainly focus on the creation of employment opportunities in villages while keeping in   mind that the simplicity of village life is retained.

Sakaar also aims to encourage the availability of top-notch higher education in the rural areas by setting up educational institutions which are at par with the best in the country.

Sakaar’s sole aim in every aspect of its functioning would be improving the lives of the people, and by this we don’t mean the material aspects only, but the spiritual and moral aspects as well.


Sakaar now conducts its activities and programs with the help of a committed family of volunteers, leaders, and trustees.

Sakaar’s current actions and programs are proficiently managed by diverse departments – each department is managed by a dedicated department head along with a team of volunteers and beneficiaries of the program.


Organic Farming & Spice Processing

Organic Farming and Spice Processing are the two fields in which Sakaar is going to work for now in Varanasi. Sakaar is doing its bit in what is a humongous effort to change the lives of the poor and take them forward to live a life of dignity! Click Here.


ALAKH – Points to remember

ALAKH is for people for whom the nation comes first, before any other consideration; for who take pride in Bharat and its rich heritage, and won’t hesitate to tell others about that. This entails:

Using and promoting things made by Indian artisans.

Holding ALL Indian languages in high regard and promoting them.

Being aware of the importance and “role” of simplicity in life.

Understanding the importance of physical fitness in life and practising it too.

Respecting farmers, soldiers, and all those who contribute in any way to our lives, and conveying the same in our own simple ways.