Sakaar Sewa Samiti

A group of Bharatiya's under VOW to do whatever it takes to make things better... Simple things that can be emulated!


Sakaar Sewa Samiti, 'We are the change'

Sakaar Sewa Samiti is a government registered NGO founded in 2010 by Mr. Shailesh Pandey and Temsutula Imsong with a motive of creating awareness and inspiring people to give back the best they can to the society. Sakaar is working in various fields and primarily focusing on initiatives that have rural outreach. It started with a small team and small efforts which has now created a massive change. Now, there is no area which is not excavated by our team. Varanasi, Ghazipur and Ungma Ghats, Sports, Toilets, Disaster management, Water, Cleanliness, Farming, Waste Management, Drainage, Pollution, Recycling, Planting, Education, Sanitation, Awareness, “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and whatnot. You name a problem and we have got that covered. We are the solution to everything since every human is accountable for the problem.We are taking the responsibility of every cause and creating upliftment in society that sticks. Our efforts didn’t fail to reach Honourable Prime Minister as he mentioned the efforts a lot of times.Selflessness and Hardwork of Saakar, is turning current development into the forms of Sustainable development.


Sakaar Sewa Samiti is a team which keeps an eye on every problem which is alarming. We do not support keeping aside the difficult aspects and achieving the easiest.Not only this but also various myth-busting workshops have been carried out for nutrition of mother and child. Additionally, Shramdaan is an exercise Sakaar has been preaching and practising.Sakaar team is now focusing on the waste management program which is starting from the basic conversion of household waste into organic manure.

We are the change as we created the problem too. #IAmTheSolution

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Sustained Public Area Cleanliness Campaigns

Cleanliness is a major concern so, initially efforts begun with the cleanliness of Ghats of Varanasi, Ghazipur and Ungma. The team kept on building and it was only a matter of months when we gathered the support of locals which led to awareness and action combined together.From then Sakaar has carried out the work almost in every area of concern whether it be the protection of the environment, managing the waste or extending hands to rural areas for help as well as for awareness. 



The Nation requires your effort. Join hands to prove your skill an asset for the country.

'We yield a solution to our country'

My association with Sakaar has been a journey of self discovery, in which I have come face to face with the power of fitness, positive thinking, simple initiatives. Sakaar's core strength is the simplicity of its initiatives.
Temsutula Imsong
Dr Harsh Chaturvedi is working with IIT Guwahati, Department of Clean Energy. He has been instrumental in many initiatives of Sakaar which saw Science becoming a means to do things that will contribute to Social Good.
Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi
Basically from Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, I am based in Chandigarh. Working with Sakaar has given me an opportunity to engage in pursuits that were not all about me or my life. And I am satisfied at what we have been able to achieve.
Sharad Chandra
Arvind Sharma from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, Currently living in Delhi, I want to give back to society whatever I could as I have seen that people have contributed to my growth and happiness. I am sure that Sakaar will be a means to achieve this.
Arvind Sharma
Arvind Sharma