Nail cutters – The Life Savior

When Sakaar Sewa Samiti paid it’s a regular visit to rural areas, they found small children falling ill very frequently. When they diagnosed the situation and focused on the lifestyle of the children they found basic hygiene missing. From then Sakaar decided it’s another cause.


Very young children were left unattended which caused different kinds of germs and bacteria stick to their uncut nails and hands. Mothers lacked knowledge of nails being cut and hands being washed with soap and use of medicare shampoos to prevent lice. So such deteriorating condition caused children fall ill and some also die at young age.


 Sakaar team gathered individuals in support and purchased the essential stuff which will promote hygiene habits into them. Awareness was created and proper demonstration was provided to help them know about the products.Sakaar team went into the rural areas spreading awareness about personal hygiene. Also the kit of nail cutters, medicare shampoos and comb was given to the families in order to treat infants. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and lessens the risk of developing any infection.